Autism Awareness Training from Lived Experience

Autism is one of the most common disabilities in UK, and thanks to the Equality Act 2010 it is something we all need to know a bit about.

As an autistic woman, and having raised 3 children on the spectrum, I have a wealth of experience on what it's like to live as an autistic person, and care for others on the Spectrum. From my unique perpective, I can give your organisation talks and CPDs on some of the common experiences of people with autism, giving you the confidence to start the conversation with clients, patients, students and even colleagues with autism.

For counselling organisations, I can offer a unique perspective, drawing on my integrative and Person-Centred counselling training. I have provided counselling to autistic individuals for the last three years. I have accedited membership of the National Counselling Society. 

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Anna Hayward MNCPS(Accred.)

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