A different sort of counsellor for a different sort of client

I founded Not Like the Others Counselling & Training out of my belief that many clients needed counselling which was adapted to their needs, rather than being 'one size fits all'.

As a late-diagnosed autistic person, diagnosed  in my 30s, and with ADHD, I have a particular affinity with 'neurodivergent' people (autistic, ADHD people etc). Having raised 3 autistic children to adulthood, and heavily involved in the Neurodivergent community, I have experienced neurodivergence from both sides of the fence - as an ND person and a parent to ND children.  And I have worked with their spouses, parents, siblings and partners too!

However, even if you are not autistic or ADHD, my individualised, Person-Centred approach can help you too. 

And in addition to Neurodiversity, I also have experience with the LGBTQ+ community, of whom I am a member, and can provide you with affirming, empathic counselling whatever your sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Anna Hayward, counsellor

- Anna Hayward BSc(hons)  MNCPS(Accred)

I am on the National Counselling Society's Accredited Register and adhere to their Code of Ethics